Global Change and Conservation

Global Change and Conservation Lab (GCC), at the Metapopulation Research Centre of the University of Helsinki (Finland) investigates conservation successes and failures and applies lessons learned to develop conservation strategies.

With a strong focus on theory and conceptualizations, the group has made leading contributions regarding the integration of spatio-temporal dynamics of biodiversity in conservation approaches, particularly in the context of climate change.While applied conservation is the group’s final aim, the group also works on methodological developments, e.g. projecting impacts of climatic changes on biodiversity, assessing the effectiveness of protected area networks, assessing threat and vulnerability of groups of species, developing optimal monitoring schemes, and integrating social and ecological sampling approaches. The sociopolitical context in which conservation operates is becoming a rather prevailing topic in the group’s research agenda, with focus on the environment-human linkages from local to global scales.

Global Change and Conservation GCC University of Helsinki

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