Planetary Boundaries and Human Opportunities

Since the concept of planetary boundaries was first published in 2009 it has generated enormous interest and debate. Our scientists
have spoken at the United Nations.

Businesses have asked, how do we apply “planetary boundaries” to our business models? The World Wildlife Fund has adopted planetary boundaries as a core part of its strategy. The course will provide a basic understanding of each component of the Earth system – the atmosphere, oceans, forests, waterways, the rich diversity of life on our planet and our global economy. The course will focus on the processes of change and how these components interact, often in unexpected ways. The course will also include solutions from the community level to the global. Finally, the course will equip participants with a set of tools for thinking differently about the challenges and opportunities in the field of global sustainability.

Planetary Boundaries and Human Opportunities (Johan Rockström and Colleagues, Stockholm Resilience Center)

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