Closer Than We Think

This is a documentary about the art and life of futurist imagineer Arthur Radebaugh.From 1958 to 1963, a Sunday comic strip predicted the future. Arthur Radebaugh's Closer Than We Think represents mid-century futurism at its most daring and optimistic. From Robot Driving to Space Monkey Colonies, Radebaugh's visions of the future heavily influenced The Jetsons and many of his predictions have come true in the decades since the strip first ran in newspapers.

This film explores the panels of Closer Than We Think, examines what it is to be a futurist, and serves as a biography of Arthur and the arc of his life and work. The film makers have interviewed designers Syd Mead (Tron, Blade Runner), and Rick Guidice (NASA), Futurists including Kirk Citron (Editor of The Long News), scientist Aubrey de Grey (SENS Research Foundation), historians of mid-century futurism Hampton C. Wayt (Curator of Driving Through Futures Past) Todd Kimmell and the other curators of the exhibit Radebaugh: The Future We Were Promised and Matt Novak of the Paleofuture blog.

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