China releases development plan on sustainable agriculture

The plan puts forward five key tasks from 2015 to 2030 in promoting sustainable agricultural development.

--Optimize development and enhance agricultural productivity. By 2020, the contribution of agricultural science and technologyis to reach more than 60 percent, and resource recycling is to be established in the national modern agriculture demonstration zones and major grain-producing counties.

--Protect arable land resources and promote the sustainable utilization of farmland. Prevent heavy metal pollution of arable land and establish a soil classification management system for agricultural areas.

--Use water efficiently and ensure the safety of agricultural water. The national agricultural irrigation water reserve is to be maintained at 372 billion cubic meters in 2020.

--Curb environmental pollution and improve the agricultural and rural environment. In 2020 the volume of chemical fertilizers and pesticides used is to remain fixed, and there should be comprehensive reprocessing of livestock and poultry wastes.

--Restore the agricultural ecology, enhance ecological functions, protect the grassland ecosystem and biological diversity and restore the aquatic ecosystem. The forest coverage rate is to exceed 23 percent and the national comprehensive grassland vegetation coverage is to reach 56 percent in 2020.

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