Journey 2050

The year 2050 is a key moment in time – the world’s population will be a projected 10 billion. Food production needs are expected to rise by 60-70% and changing agronomic conditions will put pressure on agricultural yields.

Journey 2050 is a FREE agriculture education program that challenges participants to answer the question “How will we sustainably feed 9 billion people by the year 2050?”

Are you up for the challenge? Journey 2050 can be completed in 6 hours or pick and choose the topics you want to learn about! Real-farm families will guide you through your journey.

Remember, every decision you make impacts our world’s sustainability – learn to balance social, economic and environmental factors at a local and global scale.

This program is offered as a field trip in Calgary, Alberta as well as an online experience.

It is imperative that everyone understands how our present-day decisions impact our future lives and to showcase the importance of agriculture. There are thousands of opportunities, a constant stream of new innovations and a network of people who will help us feed the world by 2050.

Even the biggest journey starts with a single step forward. Our journey starts now.

Journey 2050

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