CMS Vatavaran

CMS Vatavaran – India’s only International Environment & Wildlife Film Festival and Forum is a unique initiative of Centre for Media Studies (CMS). Though it is aimed at sensitising people about their rich environmental heritage and the need to conserve it, CMS VATAVARAN is not just a film festival celebrating the climatic art of films but focuses more on using the films as a tool and catalyst for creating impact.

Through its festival and forum design brings together some of the best conservation experts and enthusiasts from across the globe. Along with taking world’s best films on environment to the masses, it has been able to institutionalize strong specialised knowledge networking platforms, forge partnership, and enhance capacities and experiences.

The main Competitive Festival happens in New Delhi every alternate year, where the best entries from all over the world are nominated and awarded. Public screenings are held and a vast range of conservation issues are deliberated among various stakeholders in interactive sessions. The Travelling Festivals then follow, where the festival’s vast panorama is shared with people in other cities of the country.

CMS Vatavaran has now become a movement and inspired many organisations and individuals to use films and film festivals as a medium to catalyse change. As a result, it has created a strong network of Indian and International film-makers, policy-makers, academicians, think-tanks, scientists, environmentalists, journalists, students, youth and nature enthusiasts.

The festival announces its call for entries for the 10th CMS VATAVARAN Environment & Wildlife International Film Festival and Forum to be held in New Delhi in November 2019.

Call for Entry 2019
CMS Vatavaran

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