Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems

It is hard to exaggerate the role that agriculture plays in human development. This report shows the multi-faceted contributions of the global food system to all pillars of sustainable development in the post-2015 era. It recognizes the need to eradicate poverty and hunger in our generation, and it also points out the importance of having an integrated agricultural and rural development goal in the sustainable development agenda.

The report aims to outline principles for developing more specific solutions that are adaptable to local realities. Perhaps the only commonality of agricultural systems worldwide is that they provide that most critical resource, food. Beyond this, agricultural systems are incredibly diverse, with crops, livestock, climates, soils, tools, and technology varying from country to country and even farm to farm. Therefore, we have tried our best to avoid generic prescriptions of any kind. One-size-fits-all solutions are unlikely to work and solutions will need to be tailored to address regional and site-specific barriers to sustainability. This adaptation process will require the engagement of diverse stakeholders and sectors. 

Our objective is to advance the process of setting global, science-based goals and targets. The SDGs, targets, indicators, and solutions we propose are meant to be examples to spur further discussion. They will require validation and tailoring of concrete strategies in each country. We encourage all stakeholders to participate actively in further efforts to define the post-2015 agenda, and in taking action to advance sustainability.

Prepared by the Thematic Group on Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network

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