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EAT is a non-profit founded by the Stordalen Foundation, Stockholm Resilience Centre and the Wellcome Trust to catalyze a food system transformation through sound science, impatient disruption and novel partnerships.

While over 800 million people – more than one in 10 worldwide – suffer from undernutrition, one third of all food produced goes to waste. Levels of overweight and obesity continue to increase, now affecting more than 2 billion children and adults. Unhealthy diets have become a leading risk factor for disease globally and the main driver of the epidemic of chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease; putting an enormous and rapidly growing burden on healthcare systems.
How we grow, process, transport, consume and waste food is also driving our global environmental crises. The agricultural sector is the single biggest emitter of greenhouse gases and a major contributor to deforestation, species extinction, and the depletion of both marine systems and fresh water resources.
To end malnutrition in all its forms, we must holistically address all food-related challenges. This is the premise for how EAT works.

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