Biodiversity Centre Stage

The IPBES global assessment has brought biodiversity prominently to the attention of policymakers and the public, and researchers should seize this critical opportunity to engender change towards sustainability.

Climate and biodiversity, and the crises we face in each case, are linked. Many of the ecosystem services provided by biodiversity relate to climate, and climate change will threaten biodiversity to an increasing extent over the coming decades.

As citizens, we have an obligation to engage with our politicians about this, but as experts, we have the potential to make this engagement deeper and more compelling. If we all spent a few minutes sending our own lay summary of the report to our nearest and most relevant political representatives and asking what they are going to do about it, that would be a good start.

This article was published as an editorial feature in the Nature Ecology and Evolution journal in the month of June, 2019.

Biodiversity Centre Stage

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