Water Seekers: A Science Fiction

“I want to explore!” Lizzie ran off into a side door.

“Lizzie, don’t …” but I trailed off when I noticed the aquarium. An actualaquarium. I’d read about them, but I’d never seen one in person.

“There’s a garden in here,” Lizzie yelled. “It’s huge.” She scampered off into another room.
I stared at the aquarium. So much water. There had to be a couple dozen gallons in there at least, with machines to clean it and put bubbles in it, with rocks and little decorations. But where were the fish?

“I’ve never seen a bed so big!” Lizzie yelled. More scampering.

I leant over the top to smell if it was salt or freshwater, and that’s when I found the fish. They were floating.

Then Lizzie shrieked.

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