George Nuku: Bottled Ocean 2116

Artist George Nuku talks about his latest installation "Bottled Ocean 2116" currently showcased at Pātaka Art + Museum, Porirua, New Zealand in March, 2016. Bottled Ocean 2116 presents an expansive translucent double-hulled waka. Floating in space, it is surrounded by imagined creatures of the deep created from recycled plastics. Bottled Ocean 2116 acts as both a vessel of hope and warning for the future.

Here Nuku presents us with a familiar yet unnatural world made of transparent plastics. This imagined world is unfortunately a very real possibility in the near future. Today the ocean is inundated with so much plastic that it has become part of our ecosystem. Plastics break down into small particles which are ingested by fish and other sea-life. We consume this sea-life and in doing so unknowingly introduce plastics into our diet. Bottled Ocean 2116 asks us to analyse our role in this cycle and, more importantly, our place within a changing world.

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