How Artists Are Responding To Man-Made Changes In The Environment

Artists, through sculpture, photography, paintings and installations, have been responding to the idea that we now live in the Anthropocene, an era of man-made changes that has shaped the quality of our environment.

Artists have been incorporating the idea of this new phase into their projects. They’ve been responding to the idea that people, not natural processes, now primarily determine our environment. Indeed, for some time now, many artists have been confronting environmental issues, strengthening the relationship and dialogue between art and science. This union is leading to solutions capable of confronting the slow movement of international political and bureaucratic reactions to the problem, by interpreting changes and formulas in a creative way and visually presenting them to the citizens in order to create awareness.

The Anthropocene exhibition brings together the work of a group of artists of a wide variety of ages working in various mediums to thread a narrative that might account for the kinds of relations and responsibilities we all are entangled in, notes Elisabeth Johs, curator for the exhibition and MA in Contemporary Art at Sotheby's Institute of Art in New York City. A report by By Sofia Gomez Puente.

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