Artist Diane Burko raises awareness about climate destruction

Trekking over deep, sometimes treacherous, icy chasms to witness first hand the rapid melting of glaciers illuminates what Diane Burko, an artist who lives in Philadelphia, PA, is willing to do to be accurate in her work. Through her powerful photographs and paintings, she depicts a deep concern about our fragile natural environment.

For example, referring to Glacier National Park, she says, “…in the 1850’s there were 150 glaciers and now there are less than 25. While it took thousands of years for a glacier to form it’s astonishing to see so many disappear in the last 200 years — essentially beginning at the advent of the industrial age. The severe increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, due primarily to the burning of fossil fuels, is the cause and climate science emphatically agrees that we are at a tipping point, but it is complicated…”

Diane Burko has been to the three largest ice fields in the world – a “world which will not be the same for our children…” she states emphatically.

Through her artwork Burko engages people and initiates an important conversation. She hopes that those who will look at her work closely will reflect and hopefully realize her message about our man-made climate destruction.

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