UN climate change meet displays Gond arts of MP

Two Gond arts from Madhya Pradesh have found place among 16 artworks selected worldwide for display at the ongoing UN Climate Change Conference or COP 25 at Madrid in Spain.

The two Gond arts on display at the pavilion of the COP25 have highlighted importance of protection and preservation of environment to counter impact of an imminent catastrophic climate change in the world.

“Our tribe worships nature which we consider an integral part of our life. Gond art revolves round themes based on how lifestyle of our tribe is closely linked to nature,” Dilip Shyam whose painting depicting how cutting of trees may cause devastation to earth, has been on display at the conference, told this newspaper here on Wednesday.

The artwork shows the earth resting on a tree, drawn as ‘Sheshnag’, the mythical snake which carries the universe on its head, and a man armed with an axe advancing to cut it.

The other Gond art selected for display on the occasion was the work of Dhawat Singh.

The artwork highlights how a tree is important to sustain environment and climate.

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