Adopt a carbon tax to protect tropical forests

Authored by Edward B. Barbier et al.,the article analyzes how a levy on fossil fuels can support and restore ecosystems that help to stem climate change. 

The article suggests that deforestation must be stopped in tropical countries to tackle the existential threats of climate change and biodiversity loss. The vast majority of Earth’s species are in the tropics; forests there have taken in much of the carbon added to the atmosphere by human activities. Safeguarding these forests is central to slashing greenhouse-gas emissions and meeting the internationally agreed United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Sadly, in tropical countries and internationally, investments are woefully inadequate in conservation, restoration and improving land management to protect biodiversity and ecosystem services — collectively called ‘natural climate solutions’.

To plug this gap, the y urge more countries that have tropical forests to adopt a tropical carbon tax — in South and Central America, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. This is a levy on fossil fuels that is invested in natural climate solutions. Such a policy can reduce the use of oil, gas and coal and mobilize domestic funds for adaptation and mitigation.
Adopt a carbon tax to protect tropical forests

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