Art, theory and practice in the anthropocene: A book

Art, Theory and Practice in the Anthropocene, authored by Julie Reiss contributes to the growing literature on artistic responses to global climate change and its consequences. Designed to include multiple perspectives, it contains essays by thirteen art historians, art critics, curators, artists and educators, and offers different frameworks for talking about visual representation and the current environmental crisis. The anthology models a range of methodological approaches drawn from different disciplines, and contributes to an understanding of how artists and those writing about art construct narratives around the environment. The book is illustrated with examples of art by nearly thirty different contemporary artists.

Reiss directs Modern and Contemporary Art and the Market, an accredited MA program at Christie’s Education, New York. She received her PhD in Art History from the Graduate Center of CUNY. A pioneering scholar in the field of installation art, she is the author of From Margin to Center: The Spaces of Installation Art (MIT Press, 1999), as well as numerous essays and reviews. She has spoken on panels relating to art and the environment including “Shifting Domains: Artists Respond to the Threatened Ecological Commons,” (Rauschenberg Project Space, Marfa Dialogues, 2013), “Landscape and the Anthropocene,” (College Art Association, 2016), and chaired several related panels including “Mapping, Extracting and Remaking: Contemporary Art and the Environment” (Christie’s Education, 2015), and “Art and Sustainability in the Anthropocene” (Council for European Studies, Univ. of Glasgow, 2017).

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