A Modern Shepherdess-- A documentary

A few years ago, St├ęphanie left her Parisian life for the vast salt meadows of the Cherbourg Peninsula. The former graphic designer discovered a deep connection with this land by the sea where she now raises sheep. Here, she has reinvented herself. In pursuing her new calling, the single mother became the manager of a farm. It needs to be profitable, as this is a reality that even small farmers cannot escape. She must also face up to neighbors who are hostile to the stranger that she still remains in their eyes. Through her courage, creativity, and strength of character, St├ęphanie aims to evade the birds of ill omen and win her freedom. This is the story of a shepherdess that invites us to question our own desire to lead a life in keeping with who we really are.

The film is also won the Hausman Foundation for the Environment Award in the category of the Best International Film.

A Modern Shepherdess: A documentary

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