Australian Museum on climate change

The Australian Museum (AM), bringing together its long-term research and significant outreach about nature and culture, is ideally situated to make a strong contribution to facing these challenges.

From clean energy production to power Australia and its neighbours; to biotech solutions to replace plastics; to sustainable practices in workplaces and homes, the AM is embarking on programs that will help raise awareness of the solutions that surround us.

These pages about climate change help to answer questions about what it is, the impacts it is having; how the AM is responding; and, importantly, what you can do.

The Australian Museum is committed to raising awareness of climate change and its impacts through:
  • Expanding AM education programs and public programs on climate change
  • Expanding climate change related exhibitions
  • Creating resources such as publications and online content
  • Communicating our research and how it helps understand the impact of climate change on Australia’s biota and communities
  • Reducing our carbon footprint: Sustainability Action Plan 2019-2021
In order to achieve research outcomes, scientists utilise the Australian Museum’s world-class infrastructure:
  • 21.9 million specimen and artefact-strong collection is a reference tool for understanding the biodiversity, geodiversity and cultural diversity of Australia and neighbouring regions over time.
  • Australian Centre for Wildlife Genomics and frozen tissue collection
  • Lizard Island Research Station
Australian Museum on climate change

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