Climate in Crisis: Environmental Change in the Indigenous Americas

The exhibition titled 'Climate in Crisis: Environmental Change in the Indigenous Americas,' features more than sixty artworks spanning 2,800 years and cultures across North, Central, and South America. This installation draws upon the strength of the 'Arts of the Americas,' collection to highlight the complex world views of Indigenous peoples and explore how their beliefs, practices, and ways of living have been impacted by the ongoing threat of environmental destruction. It follows the effects of glacial melt, droughts, wildfires, overexploitation of resources, displacement, and extreme violence, as well as the work being done by Indigenous communities and activists to counter the climate crisis and protect the planet.

The exhibition is curated by Nancy Rosoff, Andrew W. Mellon Senior Curator, Arts of the Americas, with Joseph Shaikewitz and Shea Spiller, Curatorial Assistants, Arts of the Americas and Europe. Besides this, generous support for this exhibition is provided by Joan and Jeffrey Barist. The exhibition runs until January 10, 2021 at the Brooklyn Museum, New York.

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