Climate resilience and adaptation for rural roads

The University of Birmingham presents a course on how planners and road designers can manage the effect of climate change and extreme weather on rural roads.

Planners, designers and managers of rural road infrastructures must keep up-to-date with the nature of these changes. This includes understanding the likelihood of occurrence, as well as the implications on the financing, design, and maintenance of these roads in the future.

On this course, participants will get to explore these factors and consider how new and existing infrastructure can be planned, designed, upgraded, maintained and adapted to become more climate-resilient.

Some of the course highlights are:
  • Exploring research from the Research for Community Access Partnership (ReCAP) on rural roads.
  • Identifying the anthropogenic causes of climate change and global warming and develop a basic understanding of the science that underpins climate change.
  • Developing a range of maintenance and rehabilitation strategies and approaches to adapt the rural road network to climate change events and mitigate against damage and loss of function.

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