Is it time to embrace the anthropocene?

In this article, Ganesh Chakravarthi, editor and programme manager with The Takshashila Institution urges to preserve the many species, processes, and biodiversity that make up the earth, to see a safe future for generations yet to come.

A study reports over 2,000 deaths in India in just one year because of floods, heat waves, and climate-induced catastrophes. Despite many attempts at repairing the damage from climate change, scalable solutions are far and few in between. Their reasons vary from economic viability to risking irreversible change. The idea of the anthropocene is not new. 

William Gibson, the renowned author, once said that “The future is already here. It’s just not evenly distributed yet.” True to these words, there are regions where the air has reached hazardous levels of contamination, namely in countries like India, China, and much of Asia, while there are large swathes of land encompassing many countries that have cleaner air. Same is the case with water: countries where you can drink water out of a tap and countries where bottled water is a must.

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