Claire Duncan

The art show titled 'Dialogs with the Anthropocene,' by painter, Claire Duncan attempts to present a paradox in contemporary life: How do we enjoy the beauty in nature while confronting its possible demise? Can our feeling about what is beautiful be affected, or even destroyed, by disturbing ideas—even if physical beauty remains? The work asks us to choose—between the pleasant, even sublime, experience of immersive nature and the anxiety introduced when we face the consequences of human activity. It asks us to choose between apathy and engagement.

Claire addresses the questions posed by the term 'Anthropocene,' which describes a completely new geologic epoch in which Earth has been profoundly changed by human activity. Her paintings respond to questions of what it means to be human in relation to the rest of nature. She combines a professional designer’s understanding of the visual vocabulary with an artist’s passion for the painting process.

Claire is a signature member of the 'Society of Animal Artists,' and a member of the 'International Society of Acrylic Painters.'

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