Choi Jeong Hwa

Choi Jeong Hwa is Korean artist who creates his art from the most humble of materials, finding inspiration in soda bottles, shopping bags, and colorful plastic dishes from the 99-cent store. Inspired by the harmony and chaos of the urban environment, the artist, architect, and designer undermines the hierarchy of the museum by installing his pieces on the outside of buildings.

Hwa was born in 1961, Seoul, Korea. In 1987 he received a B.F.A. at the College of Fine Arts in Hong-Ik University at his hometown of Seoul. 

As one of the most dynamic and well-known of Korean contemporary artists, his work has been presented at numerous biennials including Liverpool (2004), Venice (2005), and Singapore (2006), as well as at Asia House, London (2006) and Wolverhampton (2007).

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