The millennial entrepreneurs creating a more sustainable world

Leading initiatives from innovative urban farming to restoring the world's degraded and threatened reefs, these millennial entrepreneurs are developing inspiring solutions to challenging global sustainability issues. Here is the list of entrepreneurs who are thinking on lines of a sustainable future.

  1. Two sustainable strategy experts, Ellie Austin and Jessica Ferrow, launched an agency aimed at helping businesses respond to the climate emergency.
  2. Sisters Marcella and Melissa Wijngaarden and their friend Noor opened their eyes to the environmental and humanitarian cost of fast fashion years ago, when they met at university in Amsterdam studying physics. The trio launched Project Cece, which stands for ‘Project Conscious Clothing’.
  3. Capture is a new app to help individuals track, reduce and offset their carbon dioxide emissions. The app is designed to "transform users for 'climate worriers' to 'climate warriors.'
  4. Iseult Ward and Aoibheann O’Brien are the founders of FoodCloud, a Dublin-based online platform and app connecting British and Irish businesses with surplus food to local charities.
  5. Andrew Almack is the founder of Plastics for Change, a social enterprise that reduces plastic pollution and poverty in developing countries by creating income opportunities for waste pickers. The India-based initiative is the first fairtrade, ethical sourcing platform to help formalise the informal recycling economy and improve the quality control process for recycled plastic.
  6. Gator Halpern and Sam Teicher are the co-founders of Coral Vita, an environmental startup restoring the world's degraded and threatened reefs. Using land-based coral farming, Coral Vita grows resilient corals up to 50 times faster than natural rates.
  7. Elena Dieckmann and Ryan Robinson are the co-founders of Aeropowder, an award-winning UK startup producing plummo, a thermal packaging material made from waste feathers from the poultry industry.
  8. Rossi Mitova is the CEO and co-founder of Farmhopping, a Bulgaria-based online marketplace allowing farms to sell directly to consumers. 
  9. Jason Green is the co-founder and CEO of Upward Farms, an urban farm set-up growing produce and fish in aquaponic ecosystems. 
  10. Samir Lakhani is the founder of Eco-Soap Bank, a humanitarian non-profit working to save, sanitise, and supply recycled soap with hygiene education to the developing world.

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