Global Thermostat

Formed in 2010, Global Thermostat (GT) is commercializing its advanced, multi-patented technology to transform carbon dioxide from a global liability into an opportunity for global prosperity. Using its proven, breakthrough technology, GT economically captures and concentrates CO2, enabling its profitable re-use across multiple large & growing industries – reducing harmful emissions, and helping to close the global carbon cycle.

GT uses custom equipment and proprietary (dry) amine-based chemical “sorbents” that are bonded to porous, honeycomb ceramic “monoliths” which act together as carbon sponges. These carbon sponges efficiently adsorb carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere, smokestacks, or a combination of both. The captured carbon dioxide is then stripped off and collected using low-temperature steam (85-100° C), ideally sourced from residual/process heat at little or no-cost. The output results in 98% pure carbon dioxide at standard temperature and pressure. During the process only steam and electricity are consumed, without the creation of emissions or other effluents. This entire process is mild, safe, and carbon negative.

Global Thermostat’s Carbon Capture & Utilization Plants can reliably produce unlimited amounts of carbon dioxide at a low cost, and on-site as needed. This results in commercial-use ready carbon dioxide, eliminating the need for long pipelines and/or transportation costs.

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