Arctic Ice Project

The Arctic Ice Project (formerly Ice911 Research) is the most studied ice restoration effort in the world. As a climate restoration non-profit organization, they’re developing a localized, safe technique to improve ice reflectivity, increase the Earth’s planetary albedo, and slow the rate of global warming.

The ice in the Arctic acts as a global heat shield, playing a critical role in maintaining a safe and stable climate. The Arctic is made up of two different kinds of ice: seasonal (“young”) ice that grows during the winter and melts during the summer, and permanent (“old”) ice that stays all year-round. This permanent ice acts as the backbone of the entire region, while younger seasonal ice forms and retreats every season. The younger ice is more vulnerable to the harsh Arctic environmental elements. Today, 70% of the Arctic’s seasonal ice cover forms and melts within a single year. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Arctic Report Card communicates that the oldest, thickest Arctic sea ice (the Earth’s natural heat shield!) has declined by 95%. With the region’s ice declining, research shows an icefree Arctic summer by as early as 2030. 

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