Climate Change, Security Risks, and Violent Conflicts: Essays from Integrated Climate Research in Hamburg

Research on security-related aspects of climate change is an important element of climate change impact assessments. Hamburg has become a globally recognized center of pertinent analysis of the climate-conflict-nexus. The essays in this collection present a sample of the research conducted from 2009 to 2018 within an interdisciplinary cooperation of experts from Universit├Ąt Hamburg and other institutions in Hamburg related to the research group “Climate Change and Security” (CLISEC). This collection of critical assessments covers a broad understanding of security, ranging from the question of climate change as a cause of violent conflict to conditions of human security in the Anthropocene. The in-depth analyses utilize a wide array of methodological approaches, from agent-based modeling to discourse analysis.

Published by Hamburg University Press, this book credits P. Michael Link for language editing as well as  Susanne Bund and Jochen Rasch for editorial support and Tobias Buck of Hamburg University Press for his professional guidance of the production process. In addition to this, the German Research Council (DFG – EXC 177) rendered support for the research work, while the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy (IFSH) at Universit├Ąt Hamburg contributed to the publication of this volume. 


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