Is it too late to stop climate change?

In this podcast, Bill Gates debates with Rashida Jones and Elizabeth Kolbert, whether people should be optimistic about preventing a climate disaster. As he talks about the impacts of climate change, he usually focusses on how it will affect people. The guest in this episode was Elizabeth Kolbert, who has a deep understanding of how a changing planet is also hurting animals, plants, and even entire ecosystems. She’s been writing about climate change for the New Yorker for the last two decades. Her first book was titled 'The Sixth Extinction.'

Rashida and Gates also discuss what actions each of us can take to make a difference (including whether or not you should buy carbon offsets, paper straws, or organic produce). The biggest changes need to happen at the governmental and societal levels, but you have a lot of power as an individual—although maybe not in the way you think.

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