The Hot 10 Climate Songs

In recent decades, even as climate change caused temperatures to soar and triggered lethal hurricanes, catastrophic fires and cataclysmic floods across the United States and its territories, a keen ear could hear the theme of global warming starting to swell, from country to rap, rock to pop. A look at lyrics from all artists who have appeared on any of Billboard’s domestic charts in the past two decades revealed at least 192 references to climate change. And like climate change, those references are accelerating. Two-thirds came in the last decade, which was also the hottest decade on record, with 26 of the songs released last year.

Take a look at, and listen to, some of the highlights, beginning in 1999 when a California power-pop band called Smash Mouth warned us that the ice was getting pretty thin. Read on to discover the impact of climate change on musical lyrics.

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