Climate Change and Visual Arts

Climate change affects humans and natural environments today and particularly in the future. Visual arts provide tools to spur social change and process and overcome emotions that come with climate change. Instead of a passive approach, arts encourage us to engage and take action. Therefore, visual arts play a key role in understanding climate change in-depth and creating a climate-friendly world.

Climate change is linked to many other environmental issues. In order to solve them sufficiently, we need to get to the bottom of the problems and find the best solutions. The banning of chlorofluorocarbon refrigerants is helping to save the ozone layer, but it does not help to prevent climate change. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch causes significant harm to wildlife, but it does not have anything to do with climate change.

This text consists of the following chapters:
  • Visual Arts as a Tool for Social Change
  • Communication Changes the World
  • Observations and New Ideas
  • Friendly Handprints
  • Art and Emotions
  • Artists and Climate Change
  • Check the Facts
  • Exercises
  • Image Gallery
  • Sources and additional information

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