Arctic Meltdown Specialization

This specialization taught by the University of Colorado through Coursera, an online learning platform starts with an in-depth look at the physical geography of the Arctic and its key climate features--ocean's floating sea ice cover; the Greenland Ice Sheet; and patterns of temperature, precipitation, snow cover and permafrost. It explains inter-related changes taking place in the Arctic environment, including their cascading impacts on terrestrial and marine ecosystems. In addition to this, it highlights the growing economic, strategic, and geopolitical importance of the Arctic in the context of observed environmental changes in the region.

This specialization consists of of in-video questions, short quizzes for each module, and a final project for each course. Projects include a set of mapping exercises to gain familiarity with the Arctic region and its climate, a poster designed to illustrate and explain connections between observed physical and ecological changes unfolding in the Arctic and how the Arctic system will likely evolve in the twenty-first century, and a project of each student's choice to illustrate how the changing Arctic will affect them and their community.

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